The Murder of Michael Forbes

An older man looking for love in all the right places. A younger woman open to try. A whirlwind relationship leads to a beautiful Caribbean destination wedding and a picturesque waterfront home to start life as a family.

Michael Forbes

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The Assassination of James E Davis

A rising star of the New York political scene was taken far too soon. His potential was limitless. He helped all he could and made great gains in positive changes for his community and built a foundation to help make positive changes for those like him and others around the world. What he could have done will never be known…

Councilman James E Davis

James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation started by Mr. Davis before his death. At that time the name of the foundation was “Love Yourself Stop the Violence” . Mr. Davis’ goal was to stop violence in urban America. His brother Geoffrey A. Davis would continue that mission after renaming the foundation James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation . Click the above link to learn more about the foundation

James E. Davis Wiki

Death by Outing by Richard Goldstein

Shooting at City Hall by Michael Cooper

Leroy Keith *Audio Fixed*

Murder on Parole

Leroy Keith

It’s February which is Black History Month. We discuss Leroy Keith a black man who was sentenced to death three times in two different states. He had a defense attorney who was able to not only get him three trials for the same crime on appeals and finaly got him paroled. Listen to the story of murder on parole.

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