Killer Sheriff

The murder of Robert Irvine III

No one expects the sheriff to be a killer. The twist and turns that led to Robert Irvine’s death seem like some thing out of a movie. Instead it happened in real life changing the town forever.

Today’s episode features portions of a 911 call

Robert Irvine III

Leroy Keith *Audio Fixed*

Murder on Parole

Leroy Keith

It’s February which is Black History Month. We discuss Leroy Keith a black man who was sentenced to death three times in two different states. He had a defense attorney who was able to not only get him three trials for the same crime on appeals and finaly got him paroled. Listen to the story of murder on parole.

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The Last Execution

New York’s Old Sparky

New York State has a vast history in Capital Punishment. As it turns out all forms used for execution are extremely brutal. This week we talk about several types of execution forms used in New York through out the years. The crime that led to the last execution in New York and you’ll hear a rather graphic description of what happens during electrocution in the electric chair.

The Last Execution