The Killer Victim Katherine Marie Seeber

The more I researched…

The more I found myself questioning a lot of things about the cases of Katherine M Seeber. I started out thinking how horrible this young lady was and ended up feeling like she was done a huge injustice. She is in no way innocent but deserved to be treated better than she was in the end.

This story is deep, a lot of crime happened between the main players in this story. The twist will keep shocked and surprise. Click below to listen or listen on Stitcher, Spotify, and/or Google Podcast.

Katherine M Seeber at her sentencing in May 2012
Ms. Ruth
Where they left Ms. Ruth

Where I found stuff

Senicide :http://The Journals of Gerontology Series b – Oxford Academic

Blogs: http://Grandma in the Snowbank – Mohawk Valley Murder and Beyond Facebook Page

News Coverage :

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