Killer Sheriff

The murder of Robert Irvine III

No one expects the sheriff to be a killer. The twist and turns that led to Robert Irvine’s death seem like some thing out of a movie. Instead it happened in real life changing the town forever.

Today’s episode features portions of a 911 call

Robert Irvine III

School Shootings in New York

Pre 2000

The idea of the school shooting seemed new in 2000. The early to mid 2000s saw what seemed to be a rise is school shootings. I went into this research with the idea that there were not many before 2000, Only to find an entire Wikipedia Article dedicated to school shootings pre 2000, Today’s episode is a quick overview of the shootings that happened in NYS before 2000

Brigitte Harris

Sometimes we can’t tell, sometimes when we tell no one believes us, and sometimes we just have to take matters in our own hands. Brigitte Harris had a very hard life from the literal time she was born until she made the mistake that would change her life forever. This is the tragically sad story of Brigitte Harris.

Brigitte Harris

Sources: The WayBack Machine, Wikipedia, Murderpedia, YouTube, NYMag, ABC News, Google and Spotify

Helen Ray Fowler

Today’s episode is a mini about the first and last Black woman to be executed in New York State in the 20th century. Helen was executed for a murder that she did not commit.

Helen Fowler

Helen Ray Fowler- Murderpedia

Antifreeze Murders

Stacey Castor is a woman who killed for money and had no problem sacrificing her very own child to keep her secrets and remain free. She believed that she could get away with murder all while fooling the world






The Murder of Michael Forbes

An older man looking for love in all the right places. A younger woman open to try. A whirlwind relationship leads to a beautiful Caribbean destination wedding and a picturesque waterfront home to start life as a family.

Michael Forbes

Kelly Forbes |Murderpedia

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The Assassination of James E Davis

A rising star of the New York political scene was taken far too soon. His potential was limitless. He helped all he could and made great gains in positive changes for his community and built a foundation to help make positive changes for those like him and others around the world. What he could have done will never be known…

Councilman James E Davis

James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation started by Mr. Davis before his death. At that time the name of the foundation was “Love Yourself Stop the Violence” . Mr. Davis’ goal was to stop violence in urban America. His brother Geoffrey A. Davis would continue that mission after renaming the foundation James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation . Click the above link to learn more about the foundation

James E. Davis Wiki

Death by Outing by Richard Goldstein

Shooting at City Hall by Michael Cooper

Leroy Keith *Audio Fixed*

Murder on Parole

Leroy Keith

It’s February which is Black History Month. We discuss Leroy Keith a black man who was sentenced to death three times in two different states. He had a defense attorney who was able to not only get him three trials for the same crime on appeals and finaly got him paroled. Listen to the story of murder on parole.

Click to read the Leroy Keith Wiki

The Last Execution

New York’s Old Sparky

New York State has a vast history in Capital Punishment. As it turns out all forms used for execution are extremely brutal. This week we talk about several types of execution forms used in New York through out the years. The crime that led to the last execution in New York and you’ll hear a rather graphic description of what happens during electrocution in the electric chair.

The Last Execution


Tragedy on the Taconic

This is the tragic story of the 2009 crash on the Taconic State Parkway that killed 8 people and sent the world reeling, The aftermath is almost as tragic as the crash itself.

This episode is a lot later that we wanted it to be. Due to some user and technical errors, I had to pull the podcast from Anchor. We should be back up there soon!

Facebook Group

Taconic State Parkway

Hance Family Foundation

Jackie Hance I’ll See You Again

Tragedy on the Taconic

2009 Taconic State Parkway Crash Wikipedia

There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane is currently streaming on HBO Max (Not Sponsored)

Hamlin Double Murder

These murders hit far to close to home. These young lives were so brutally cut short for nothing more than a minor debt. The crime was senseless and stupid. Family and friends are left with sadness and anger . A community left wondering why it had to go this way.

Alex Burrow Bruce Kane
Mason Earle

The Horrific Murder of Derrick Robie

4 -year-old Derrick Robie was allowed to walk to his summer rec program by himself on Aug 2 1993, it was the last time he would walk anywhere ever again. His brutal murder made all the worse when his killer was unmasked.

Derrick Robie

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Check out A&E for the episode of Kids Who Kill. Check out the CBS app for the Dan Rather documentary ,Why Did Eric Kill? .



The Kidnapping and Murder of Menachem Stark

This is the frustrating story of Menachem Stark a husband, father and real estate developer who was in a tight spot and quickly blamed for his own death. A life cut too short by anger and senseless acts. Financial woes far to often lead people to commit horrific acts of violence.

Menachem Stark

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The Poughkeepsie Killer Part 2

My husband Duane , (everyone calls him Bubba) has joined the podcast. He is a retired LEO who loves true crime as much as I do. Today we discuss Kendall Francios the Poughkeepsie Killer. This is part 2 of 2 AND redo of Episode 1. Enjoy and Thanks for listening. Please listen to the end for some episode corrections and information about a missing person who deserves justice! Please see the show notes from part 1 for more information

The Poughkeepsie Killer

This is the story of nine women who went missing and were murdered in Poughkeepsie New York and how their killer was allowed to harm so many for so long.

My husband Duane , (everyone calls him Bubba) has joined the podcast. He is a retired LEO who loves true crime as much as I do. Today we discuss Kendall Francios the Poughkeepsie Killer. This is part 1 of 2 AND redo of Episode 1. Enjoy and Thanks for listening. Please listen to the end for some episode corrections and information about a few missing people who deserve justice!

Wikipedia Kendall Francois

Murderpedia Kendall François

The Killer Victim Katherine Marie Seeber

The more I researched…

The more I found myself questioning a lot of things about the cases of Katherine M Seeber. I started out thinking how horrible this young lady was and ended up feeling like she was done a huge injustice. She is in no way innocent but deserved to be treated better than she was in the end.

This story is deep, a lot of crime happened between the main players in this story. The twist will keep shocked and surprise. Click below to listen or listen on Stitcher, Spotify, and/or Google Podcast.

Katherine M Seeber at her sentencing in May 2012
Ms. Ruth
Where they left Ms. Ruth

Where I found stuff

Senicide :http://The Journals of Gerontology Series b – Oxford Academic

Blogs: http://Grandma in the Snowbank – Mohawk Valley Murder and Beyond Facebook Page

News Coverage :

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New York’s Stupid Criminals

a few of them anyway….

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My gun is used to protect myself…
Butter Fingers are not always good
We about to be rich…

Man shoots himself and his friend…. my gun is mine and I can keep it…

Make sure you take it all..

This just sucks…

The Murder of Bonnie Garland

Bonnie Garland

The Murder of Bonnie Garland

Bonnie Garland was a beautiful red head with the world at her feet. She attended Madeira School in Virginia living with her family in Scarsdale NY. She was fluent in four languages by the time she was nineteen, including Spanish that learned while she was living in Brazil. Bonnie would graduate from Madeira in 1974 and enroll in Yale. She met Richard Herrin just under two months after arriving on the Yale campus…..


5 Monsters Who Received Appallingly Light Sentences For Horrifying Crimes

If you need help:

Domestic Violence help 1-800-799-7233 TTY 1-800-787-3224
RAINN(Rape and Sexual assault help) 1-800-656-HOPE(4673)

The Murder of Levi Karlsen



The volume in the first five minutes is kind of wonky. Sorry about that, it gets better!


This episode has a 911 call

Christina Alexander Karlsen

Christina Alexander Karlsen

Levi Karlsen

Levi KarlsenLevi Karlsen

Submitted photo of homicide victim Levi Karlsen. On Nov. 24, 2012, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of Levi’s father, Karl H. Karlsen, age 52, 885 Yale Farm Road, Romulus, on the charge of Murder in the Second Degree. Investigators alleged that on November 20, 2008, Karlsen intentionally caused the death of his son, Levi, 23, by causing a car Levi was working on to fall on Levi in the barn at their home. Photo supplied by Levi Karlsen’s grandfather, Art Alexander, of California. Alexander suspects Karl Karlsen killed his first wife, Alexander’s daugther Christina Alexander Karlsen, in a fire in 1991 in California.

Levi Karlsen died in 2008 at 23 years old. His death turned out to be murder. A murder committed by his very own father. Insurance money was the motive. The confessed killer Karl Karlsen spent years orchestrating several ways to gain large sums of money He is suspected in the death of his first wife Christina Alexander Karlsen and will soon face trial in that case.

An update is sure to come

Below are the resources used for this episode





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Karl Karlsen


All information gained through sources listed above with the exception to the claim that Karl Karlsen was bad with money. Please note I have not been able to corroborate the information or the source it was gained from. I did not list that source as it is most likely “fake”







Marybeth Tinning Part One

This is part one of the Marybeth Tinning story.

This is a very heavy story to listen to. It is about the deaths of eight very small children. If you can’t handle that type of thing … skip this episode.



Leona, The Lady Of Crime

My name is Leona I am a 40 year old married of mother two.  I was born and raised in New York. I am as you may guys notice, obsessed with true crime. I have a twin and several friends who are also obsessed with true crime so you may hear a few guest from time to time.

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Chili’s Shooting Dewitt NY

When you work in a restaurant you think about what shoes to wear so that your feet don’t hurt at the end of your shift. You worry about the large rush of weekend diners and dream about the huge types you hope those diners leave you. You don’t think that this is going to be your last day of work or the last day of your life. For two members of the Chili’s crew this shift would be their last.

Stephen G & Kris H


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